Coffin Room Dream

A really long time ago – 20 years at a guess, I had a dream about a coffin. I couldn’t escape it and it was a terrifying experience.

It began like this:

I woke up, as far as I knew I actually was awake. I found myself in a badly lit unfamiliar house. I did wonder how I came to be there. I felt like I needed to get out of the house, I was afraid and the house did not feel safe. It was an old house and it felt very big which made me feel small and alone.
I walked out of the room that I was in and down a long hallway. There was red carpet up the hallway like you would expect to find in an old mansion. At the end of the hallway I noticed a closed double door…. I headed towards it hoping it was a way out. At that point if there were any other doors around me I didn’t notice them.

Finally I came to the door at the end which was made of some deep red-coloured wood with engraved golden handles. I pulled at the door which revealed a badly lit room. In the centre of the room there was a closed coffin surrounded by candelabras. If not for the soft glow of light coming off the candles the room would have been pitch black.

An overwhelming sense of oppression and fear overcame me, I was terrified and I turned and ran from the room like my life depended upon it. The thought of what may have been in the coffin was the source of my fear.
I saw another door, maybe it was on the side of the corridor, I wrenched it open and ran inside… it was the same room! The same coffin and the candelabras greeted me as did the feeling of absolute dread and terror.

Again, I turned, I ran for safety in an entirely different direction… flinging open the first door that I came across, it was the coffin room… every door in that house… all led to the coffin room, the same exact room.
There was no escape, no way out and I was continually faced with the feeling of horror and dread and fear and the need to save myself from whatever terror was inside that coffin.
It went on like that, a repetitive nightmare, until I woke up.

That’s it. That is all. Maybe now, looking back at my life I can begin to understand why I had the dream. I don’t know why it was a coffin, maybe because death feels so final and there’s nothing that can change or alter it and that’s how my life was at that time. I was just really stuck in a bad situation that I had no control over… but I am not really sure if the dream meant anything at all. It was memorable to say the least, I have a lot of dreams like that though.



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