My life has not been an easy one… having said that I can fully appreciate that many many people have had it far worse than I. It is all relative and my experiences and my journey so far has led me to this place where I finally feel like I can share aspects and stories from my life.

I guess there always has to be a starting point somewhere… journals around the house full of bits and pieces of my life or my feelings… writing on a blog is no different except that I get to share my experiences with other people.

It’s possible that what I write may help other people realize that they are not alone in what they feel… particularly when it comes to anxiety disorders – the absolute bane of my existence. The one thing that has held me back and then punished me for holding back…
I will often share about my feelings of anxiety… and I hope that anyone else out there who suffers from anxiety can laugh and cry along with me and truly appreciate and understand that you are not alone in this world in feeling the way you do.